Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Set Silver

MPN: 5030009309441

£24.99 inc VAT

700c, 46mm, Suitable for tyre width 35 – 40c in Silver

Transform your riding experience, no matter the weather, with the sleek and durable Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Set in a stunning silver finish. Designed for cyclists who refuse to let the elements dictate their journey, this mudguard set promises not only to protect you from road spray but also adds an element of style to your hybrid bike. Crafted with precision and care by one of the leading names in bicycle accessories, these mudguards are more than just functional; they’re an upgrade that speaks volumes about a rider’s commitment to quality.


Material Excellence: Constructed using high-quality materials designed for durability and longevity.
Size Compatibility: Perfectly fits bikes with a wheel size of 700c, making it versatile across numerous hybrid models.
Width Accommodation: At a width of 46mm, these mudguards offer ample coverage for protecting against water splash and debris.
Aesthetic Appeal: The metallic silver finish provides a sophisticated look that complements any bike colour scheme or design.
Easy Installation: Engineered for hassle-free installation so you can quickly equip your bike without needing professional help.

Enhanced Protection: Keep yourself dry and clean on wet roads by minimizing splashes from puddle water or muddy conditions—enjoy cleaner rides every time.
Durability Guaranteed: Made from robust materials known for resistance against wear-and-tear ensuring long-term use through various weather conditions.
Universal Fit: Designed thoughtfully to fit most hybrid bikes with similar specifications offering wide-ranging compatibility—a smart choice regardless of brand loyalty.
Style Upgrade: Elevate your ride’s aesthetics with its elegant silver sheen which easily matches different bicycles’ designs enhancing overall appearance significantly.
User-Friendly Design: Forget complicated setups; enjoy straightforward mounting procedures allowing even novice riders easy application saving time before hitting the road again.

Whether facing rain-soaked streets or dusty trails, having reliable protection is essential—not just for comfort but also maintaining cleanliness post-journey both personally & vehicular wise! With Oxford Product’s dedication towards innovation & cyclist satisfaction evident within each detail—their Hybrid Mudguards stand as testament towards merging functionality seamlessly alongside visual appeal creating indispensable accessory worthy investment into biking lifestyle enhancement!

Ride confidently knowing whatever path chosen remains unmarred by common inconveniences associated typically adverse environmental interactions thanks largely part due diligence afforded via such comprehensive protective measures now at disposal courtesy esteemed craftsmanship behind every piece emanating renowned cycling aficionado haven – all while projecting image steep sophistication effortlessly maintained throughout ventures embarked upon henceforth!

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Product FAQs...

What is the size of the Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Set Silver?
What is the size of the Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Set Silver?
The Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Set Silver is designed for 700c wheel sizes, with a width of 46mm, suitable for tyre widths between 35 and 40c.
In what color is the Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Set available?
In what color is the Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Set available?
The mudguard set is available in silver.
Are the Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Sets compatible with different types of bikes?
Are the Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Sets compatible with different types of bikes?
Yes, these mudguards are suitable for hybrid bikes with wheel sizes that match the 700c specification, making them versatile for a range of bike types within this wheel size range.

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