Frame Protection

Bike frame protection products are designed to safeguard the exterior of bicycles from various elements and potential damage, extending the lifespan and maintaining the aesthetics of the frame. As cycling enthusiasts seek to protect their valuable investment, these products have become increasingly popular.


Time to Ride have partnered with Muc-Off and Gtechniq who both specialise in providing various outstanding frame protection products.

One such product is Gtechniqs Bike Ceramic Kit, which offers a host of benefits that make it a must-have for bike enthusiasts. Its specialized formula is designed to repel foreign objects, including brake dust, road grime, and mud, keeping your bike cleaner for longer. With an impressive protection lifespan of up to 24 months, this coating is suitable for all types of finishes, including paint protection films and vinyl.

When applied, Bike Ceramic forms an ultra-slick, optically clear ceramic layer that chemically bonds with the surface. This powerful ceramic protection creates a barrier, preventing dirt and grime from adhering to the bike, significantly reducing the time and effort required for cleaning.

Scientifically engineered to chemically bond with the bike frame, Bike Ceramic becomes an integral part of your bike’s surface. As a result, it acts as an active shield, warding off dirt, mud, and road grime effectively.

Furthermore, the ceramic coating forms a dense and durable layer that boasts resistance from pH2 to pH12. This remarkable feature makes removing mud, grime, and dirt a breeze, simplifying ongoing maintenance and ensuring your bike stays in top-notch condition with minimal effort.

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