Energy Bars & Bakes

Introducing Science in Sports‘ convenient GO Energy bars and bakes, specially formulated to provide a carbohydrate boost for optimal fueling before or after training sessions and races. These bars and bakes come in a variety of flavors, catering to all taste preferences, including red berry, chocolate fudge, and apple and blackcurrant. To further enhance performance, Science in Sports has recently introduced the GO Energy + Protein bar, enriched with extra protein. This combination not only boosts energy but also aids in the maintenance and support of muscle growth.

In addition, we offer OTE Sports‘ Duo Bars, which serve as an excellent source of delicious and rapidly digestible energy. These bars are designed to provide a fueling boost before or during exercise and high-performance activities. With each Duo Bar containing 40g of carbohydrates, they offer efficient fueling for training while being gentle on the stomach.


OTE Energy Bars serve as an excellent alternative to energy drinks and gels, offering a solid and satisfying training food option. They can even be enjoyed as a pre-exercise snack.

Developed by professional sports nutritionists, OTE Duo Bars are available in two delectable flavors: vanilla and chocolate chip. Experience the perfect blend of taste and performance with these meticulously crafted bars.

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