Fork Cage Mounts

Fork cage mounts, also known as fork-mounted bottle cages or fork bosses, are accessories designed to provide additional storage options on bicycles. These mounts are typically attached to the fork of the bicycle, allowing riders to carry extra water bottles, tools, or other lightweight items conveniently.


Key features and benefits of fork cage mounts include:

Increased Carrying Capacity: Fork cage mounts offer an efficient way to expand the storage capacity of a bicycle. By utilizing the front fork, riders can carry more water or gear without the need for bulky racks or panniers.

Easy Access to Water: Having additional bottle cages on the fork means easy access to hydration during long rides. This is particularly useful for cyclists who ride in hot or remote areas, where staying hydrated is crucial.

Reduced Weight Distribution: Placing items on the front fork helps distribute the weight more evenly across the bike. This can result in improved handling and stability, especially when compared to loading up the rear of the bike.

Aerodynamic Advantage: Fork cage mounts can create a more aerodynamic profile compared to placing items on the handlebars, which may help improve overall bike performance.

Versatility: While water bottles are the most common items carried in fork cage mounts, they can also be used to carry tools, snacks, or lightweight camping gear. This versatility makes them popular among touring cyclists and bike packers.

Various Mounting Options: Fork cage mounts come in different designs and attachment methods, suitable for various fork types and sizes. Some may use bolt-on systems, while others may clamp securely onto the fork blades.

Compatibility: Before purchasing fork cage mounts, it’s essential to ensure they are compatible with the specific bike’s fork and provide enough clearance to avoid interference with the front wheel or any other components.

Durability: High-quality fork cage mounts are typically constructed from lightweight, durable materials like aluminium or carbon fibre. They are designed to withstand various riding conditions and resist damage from vibrations and impacts.

Despite these benefits, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when using fork cage mounts:

Weight Distribution: While distributing weight to the front can improve handling, it’s essential not to overload the front fork, as this can affect bike stability and control.

Off-Road Riding: When using fork cage mounts off-road, riders should be cautious of potential impacts and ensure that the attachments are secure enough to handle rough terrain.

Fork cage mounts are valuable accessories for cyclists seeking to enhance their bike’s carrying capacity while maintaining a balanced weight distribution. They offer a practical and aerodynamic solution for storing water bottles and lightweight gear, making them a popular choice for various types of riders, from long-distance tourers to adventurous bike packers.

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