Muc-Off Harsh Conditions Barrier (HCB-1)

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Muc-Off Harsh Conditions Barrier uses a state-of-the-art, thin film coating to give your bike long term protection against rust and corrosion. It even works on surfaces that already have rust… it simply stops rust in its tracks, removing it altogether! Particularly effective in very harsh conditions, our formula is ideal for protecting your two-wheeled toy over the winter months when large amounts of road salts are out on the roads.
The innovative treatment drives out moisture, creating a durable anticorrosive all-weather barrier on your bike’s frame, chain, metal parts, plastics, and paintwork. Designed to continually penetrate corrosion, Muc-Off Harsh
Conditions Barrier will spread into the tightest micro cracks and seams to remove moisture and salt-water.
We’ve also added a UV application dye so you can check that every area you want to protect is treated and the
maximum protection is always in place with a UV torch. Suitable for use on bicycles, ebikes and motorcycles.

Quick and easy to use
Dissolves existing rust
300+ hours salt spray to ASTM B-117
Thin non-sticky transparent film
Strong capillary action enables the product to migrate into cracks and crevices
Contains UV application dye to ensure complete protection
Resistant to hot, cold and salt-water
Ideal for use in harsh environments
Creates a self-healing barrier, active for up to 12 months
Safe to use on electrical components, paintwork and most rigid plastic trim
Contains no wax silicon, Teflon or water
Directions for Use:
1. Step 1 – Thoroughly wash and dry surfaces before use. (Always test on small inconspicuous area for surface
compatibility before complete coverage)
2. Step 2 – Shake can activate the formula and attach extension straw for more precise application.
3. Step 3 – Apply a thin, even film of spray to the surface to be protected* and allow to dry completely.
Wait up to 24 Hours to allow to cure and offer best protection.
4. Step 4 – Check to make sure the coverage is even using the supplied UV torch!
*Just remember not to apply Harsh Conditions Barrier to tyre treads and braking surfaces

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Product FAQs...

What does Muc-Off Harsh Conditions Barrier do?
What does Muc-Off Harsh Conditions Barrier do?
Creates a durable all-weather barrier on bike frames, chains, metal parts, plastics, and paintwork, dissolves existing rust, and prevents new rust.
How does Muc-Off Harsh Conditions Barrier work?
How does Muc-Off Harsh Conditions Barrier work?
Penetrates micro cracks and crevices to remove moisture and salt-water, spreading into the smallest spaces for maximum protection.
Can Muc-Off Harsh Conditions Barrier be used on different types of vehicles?
Can Muc-Off Harsh Conditions Barrier be used on different types of vehicles?
Suitable for bicycles, e-bikes, motorcycles, and powersports, safe on electrical components, paintwork, and plastic trim.

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