Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Set Black

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£24.99 inc VAT

700c, 46mm, Suitable for tyre width 35 – 40c in Black

Elevate your cycling experience with the Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Set in sleek black. Designed for the modern cyclist who refuses to let a little bad weather dampen their spirit, this mudguard set is both a practical and stylish addition to any hybrid bike. Crafted from durable materials, it promises long-lasting protection against water, mud, and road debris—keeping you dry and comfortable no matter where your journey takes you.

With its universal design tailored specifically for hybrid bicycles with wheel sizes of up to 700c, these mudguards offer comprehensive coverage without compromising on aesthetics. The width of 46mm ensures that they are wide enough to handle mixed terrains while maintaining an elegant profile that complements your bike’s design.

Installation is straightforward thanks to the included mounting hardware and clear instructions; within minutes, you can transform your ride into a weather-resistant machine ready for any adventure. Whether commuting through city streets or exploring country roads after rainfall—the Oxford Products Mudguard Set has got you covered.

Features & Benefits:

Universal Fit: Designed specifically for hybrid bikes with wheel sizes up to 700c.

Optimal Coverage: At a width of 46mm, these mudguards provide excellent protection from splashes and debris without being overly bulky.

Durable Construction: Made using high-quality materials that ensure longevity even through tough conditions.

Sleek Design: The black finish adds an element of sophistication to your bicycle’s appearance while offering functional benefits.

Easy Installation: Comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware plus detailed installation instructions making setup quick and hassle-free.

Additional Benefits:

Enhanced Riding Comfort: Stay clean and dry regardless of puddles or wet roads which means more enjoyable rides in varied weather conditions.

Bike Protection: Shields sensitive components like gears and brakes from excessive dirt build-up leading to lower maintenance costs over time.

Improved Safety: By preventing water spray onto yourself or other cyclists/pedestrians around you enhances visibility during rainy rides ensuring safer travel experiences.

Whether gearing up for daily commutes or planning weekend excursions off-the-beaten-path—the Oxford Products Hybrid Mudguards are essential accessories designed not only protect but also enhance the overall cycling experience by blending functionality with style seamlessly.

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Product FAQs...

What is the size of the Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Set?
What is the size of the Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Set?
The mudguard set is designed for 700c wheel sizes, with a width of 46mm, and is suitable for tyre widths between 35 and 40c.
In what colors is the Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Set available?
In what colors is the Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Set available?
The set is available in black, tailored to match a wide range of bicycle designs.
How does the Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Set enhance rider convenience?
How does the Oxford Products 700c Hybrid 46mm Mudguard Set enhance rider convenience?
The set includes features such as a durable construction and easy installation, providing effective protection against water and mud.

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