Oxford Products UltraTorch Headlight CL200

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Utilising our in-house designed CLIQR Mini handlebar brackets for simple and secure attachment to the bike, LCD runtime indicator and additional power-bank facility (500, 1000 and 1600 models), the new CL series headlight range is packed with features to illuminate your way on anything from the daily commute to off-road night-time adventures.

The Ultratorch CL 200 is a 200 lumen USB rechargeable headlight.

Key Features:

  • Max output 200lm
  • Run-time 3-140hrs
  • LCD runtime indicator
  • 270-degree visibility
  • USB rechargeable 3.7V/2000mAh lithium battery
  • Waterproof IPX4
  • Universal handlebar strap
  • USB charging lead supplied

Illuminate your path and ensure you’re seen with the cutting-edge Oxford Products UltraTorch Headlight CL200. Designed for cyclists who refuse to let the setting sun dictate their riding schedule, this headlight combines robust construction with state-of-the-art lighting technology to offer unmatched visibility and safety on all your rides.

Product Features:

High-Power LED Technology: At its core, the UltraTorch CL200 features a high-intensity LED capable of cutting through darkness and low-light conditions, ensuring you see clearly ahead.

Multiple Lighting Modes: Adapt to any situation with ease thanks to multiple lighting modes including high beam, medium beam, low beam, flashing mode. Whether navigating urban streets or rural paths at nightfall or dawn’s first light; there’s a perfect setting for every scenario.

Long Battery Life: Equipped with a rechargeable battery that offers extended hours of continuous use on a single charge. Long rides into the night are no longer constrained by battery life concerns.

Easy Mounting System: A user-friendly mounting system allows quick attachment/detachment from handlebars without requiring tools – ideal for riders who switch lights between bikes frequently.

Water Resistant Design: Crafted to withstand adverse weather conditions – whether it’s an unexpected downpour or heavy mist in early morning adventures; rest assured knowing your headlight will perform flawlessly.


Enhanced Visibility & Safety: The primary benefit of equipping yourself with the Oxford Products UltraTorch Headlight is significantly improved visibility during nighttime or dimly lit environments—reducing risks associated with unseen obstacles. Additionally, being highly visible to motorists greatly increases rider safety during twilight hours when accidents are more prone due-to reduced driver vision.

Versatility Across Riding Conditions: With various adjustable settings tailored for different environmental needs—from clear nights under starlit skies too foggy mornings—the versatility offered ensures optimal illumination regardless of external factors.

Reliability You Can Trust: Knowing that your equipment won’t fail mid-journey gives peace-of-mind only quality products can provide. With durable construction coupled alongside water-resistant capabilities; reliability becomes synonymous name “Oxford” itself within cycling communities around globe.

Whether embarking upon daily commutes city outskirts exploring uncharted territories off beaten track after sunset —the Oxford Products Ultratorch Headlamp stands as indispensable companion those seeking merge performance functionality seamlessly together one compact package designed last mile after mile journey unfolds before them!

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Product FAQs...

What is the maximum output of the Oxford UltraTorch Headlight CL200?
What is the maximum output of the Oxford UltraTorch Headlight CL200?
The maximum output of the Oxford UltraTorch Headlight CL200 is 200 lumens.
How long does the Oxford UltraTorch Headlight CL200 run for?
How long does the Oxford UltraTorch Headlight CL200 run for?
The Oxford UltraTorch Headlight CL200 can run for between 3 and 140 hours depending on the mode used.

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